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Make coffee, make food, make it tasty.

Fields Beneath opened in 2012. We used coffee from people we loved, got cakes from mum (still do!) and focused on creating a little haven. It worked. Life was good, lunch was delicious, the team grew, the food kept getting better...  and then one of us went vegan.

This wasn't any dietary requirement kind of veganism, and the one that went vegan first is so untrendy it certainly wasn't that - he fell head first into the ethics behind it and realised it was do  or die - for the animals and for the business. So we started switching the menu. We "ran out of ham" for weeks before we decided to become more vocal about it. On Mother's Day 2017 we stopped pouring cow's milk into our espresso, signalling the end of animal products in our cafe.

Fields Beneath is now dedicated to two things. The first and original one - make coffee, make food, make it tasty. And a second - make veganism normal. Make it delicious, make it easy, make it convenient. In Kentish Town, veganism is now all those things. We plan to open more shops, and in doing so will make it easy to be vegan in more places.



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