Here are our favourite videos to share the words of others. These people are some of the strongest voices of the movement.

We always bought the best quality milk we could. Jess' Ladies, Goodwood, The Estate Dairy. The cows on this film are nothing like the ones from those places, and we know in the context of dairy farming, our former suppliers have some of the highest welfare around.

It was the motherhood part we didn't know about, and the reason we have chosen to no longer support the dairy industry.

Females don't make milk, mother do.

All credit goes to James Aspey for all the amazing work he does for the Vegan movement.

Ex-Vice President of Citibank Australia, Philip Wollen gives his view on the debate "Why Animals Should be Off the Plate".

He used to have steak and lobster all the time. Then he visited a client's business, which was a slaughterhouse. Not longer after he was vegan.

Why do we eat chickens but not dogs? Melanie Joy spent 20 years of research to find out. Here she explains it in 20 minutes.

Ingrid Newkirk has ruffled more feathers in the movement than anyone. Controversy is what she uses as a tool. Some agree, some disagree, but regardless, this was the video that taught one of us that animals are people.

What the Health film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is keeping us sick. It uncovers the secret to preventing and reversing chronic diseases – and investigates why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t want us to know about it.