There were two paths that brought us to veganism. One was realising that the animals we ate, were capable of hugs. In a cage, in a barn, on a farm or in a zoo, animals will not behave in the same way as they would in the wild.  On your sofa, on your lap, give them love and they can behave entirely different too. Here are some films which keep us connected to them, and why we choose love over a pork pie.

Chickens can cuddle. Just like us, in the right environment animals can be loving and gentle.

A baby pig and a baby calf play.

Cows can cuddle. They can love just like dogs, cats and hamsters. Probably way more than hamsters.

The boy loves the chicken. What about chicken?

Dogs hate cats. Cats eat birds. Humans eat chickens. Or not. We can choose.

These two from Bournemouth love this duck.